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July 10th, 11am ET - July 13th, 11am ET

July 14th, 11am ET


- Frank Manzano: Mon, 10th July
- Irina Angles and Dr Formalyst: Tue, 11th July
- Publikfruit: Wed, 12th July
- Mowgly Lee: Thu, 13th July

Various (10)

Collection Size:



Sale Type:

English Auction (24h)

Blind mint. Fixed Price

Starting Price:

0.01 ETH

0.1 ETH (Public: 0.2 ETH)




Patron Pass Benefits

15% discount on settled price (valid once per pass and on your highest acquisition of the day)

First 30 mins + fixed price (0.1 ETH)

Public access

Opens 11am ET

After 30 mins (if any left)

The Collection

  • "Post-Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities" comprises 255 post-video artworks from four artists, and 1,200 post-photographic images from ten artists. All are unique, 1/1 NFTs.

Post Video

Monday, July 10th, 11am ET - Thursday, July 13th, 11am ET

  • Each artist's work will be released at 11am Eastern Time on separate days, according to the following schedule:
    • - Mon, 10th July 11am ET: Frank Manzano
    • - Tue, 11th July 11am ET: Irina Angles & Dr Formalyst
    • - Wed, 12th July 11am ET: Publikfruit
    • - Thu, 13th July 11am ET: Mowgly Lee
  • The artwork will be sold in 24-hour live auctions with the following conditions:
    • - The opening bid is 0.01 ETH
    • - If you would like to bid on an artwork you like you just need to place a bid that is at least 10% higher than the current bid.
    • - If a bid is placed within the last 15 minutes, it will reset the time left back to 15 minutes, so some auctions will likely continue a bit longer than 24 hours.
    • - If the final bid is yours, congratulations! You've won the auction and just need to settle it for the artwork to be sent to your wallet.
    • - The auctions are public but if you hold a Patron Pass you will receive a 15% discount on the final price (valid once per pass and on your highest acquisition of the day), which will automatically be sent to your bidding wallet.
    • - Don't worry, while we anticipate the auctions to attract a lot of bids, our website makes it easy for you to monitor all the live action.

Post Photography

Friday July 14th, 11am Eastern Time

  • On Fri, 14th July, at 11am Eastern Time, 1,200 artworks from the following ten artists, each with a collection of 100 images (except Alkan Avcıoğlu with 300 images), will be available:
  • Jacqui Kenny, Synchrodogs, Iñigo Bilbao, Graphica, Nathan Boey, Beth Frey, Felipe Posada, Alina Trifan, Alice Lane Gordon and Alkan Avcıoğlu.
    • - 11am - 11.30am: The artwork will be sold at a fixed price of 0.1 ETH to Patron Pass holders (max. 1 per Patron Pass).
    • - 11:30am: If there are any remaining artworks, they will be available to the public for 0.2 ETH and Patron Pass holders will be able to buy 1 additional work per pass at 0.1 ETH
  • Please note that it doesn't matter if you hold all your Patron Passes in the same wallet - five passes would allow you to make five purchases. The artwork is purchased blindly, and you will be randomly allocated one of the 1,200 artworks from ten different artists.